Image by Jonathan Tomas


Based in the Amsterdam, The Netherlands & Paris, France. DON CLOVIS facilitates the education, training, assessment, and scheduling of officiating for every level of competition. By doing so, we proudly promote fair play, competition, and the increased enjoyment of athletics by players, fans, and professional fighters.


The French-born Dutch Don Clovis has been involved in the entertainment business since he was 14 years old. Started as RnR. Singer, in a famous French group called “Johnny Fisher & the Spiros”. Around the mid ’70s, Don Clovis found himself being the manager & producer in Los Angeles, USA,  for some of his idols such as Vince Taylor & P.J Proby. 

It was around this time that Don was came in Amsterdam in 1968 for music biz. Or at least the first time Don visited Amsterdam and fell in love with the city and hasn’t left the city since. 

From the Music industry, he morphed his expertise and skills to use in the Combat Sports industry where he successfully became the manager for the professional fighters Perry Ubeda, Bas Rutten, Rob Kaman & Ramon Dekkers and much more.

Combat Sports has always been a passion and hobby for Don Clovis, therefore he truly understood his fighters when it came to managed them (as manager), preparing them, and cheering for them for every battle event. It was Paco Rabanne who officially named him “Don” during an interview with "Les Gladiateurs" magazine's chief-editor Didier Simonpietri. Although it started as a joke, Rabanne and Kaman were discussing a new line of clothing that Rabanne wanted to include in his collection marketing it as K.O Man. 

This would go on and spread the word from America to Japan. Don Clovis was known everywhere within this industry. He and his fighters were continuously invited to Japan and Vegas, whether it was to participate in the battle event or just be part of the audience. Either way, Don was there.


Although we live in a new world, with a new way of living, for Don Combat Sport always started with discipline. In order to master this kind of discipline, one must learn the rules the old-fashioned way.